When does Fashion turn ugly and why don’t we see it?


Those who have lived in the great city in Dublin know – that often times you can’t stop twisting your     head to stare at a person passing by, which makes you wonder – Do people actually have mirrors at  home? or are those mirrors pathologically distorted in a way that a reflection and the real look simply do not match…

I don’t want to be mean and I can understand that everyone wants to look trendy, fashionable and up-to-date… But if hot-pants are actively sold in shops these days it does not mean that anyone should grab and wear them…even if you wear black tights underneath them…Personally I would not dare, as I am far from skinny myself.

I think  that everyone is beautiful. It’s important to showcase things, which are beautiful about you, instead of attracting everyone’s attention to your defects. It comes in handy to be aware of your body shape.  This can help you to find out what type of clothes suit you and which you should try to avoid.

I feel that Fashion is a  science and art brought together…

Not long time ago I have discovered that there are numerous classifications of female body types. Knowledge of those can really help anyone to avoid selecting clothes, which do not suit you, even if you like the idea of them very much…

Here you can find  “12 Female Body Types” and a few tips of which clothes may suit you…Just click below on the orange title

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