The Best and the Worst Cappuccino in Dublin

     The Best and the Worst Cappuccino in Dublin

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For the past 8 years I have been a ‘mild’ coffee addict. As some beverages I could definitely agree that coffee is an acquired taste. I have tried coffee from a good few places in Dublin. Here I am going to present a list of Top 10 Coffee shops in Dublin, based on my own humble opinion of cappuccinos I have tried.

1. Butlers Coffee


If you feel like nice, creamy and smooth taste of cappuccino, than I would pick Butlers. Sometimes it depends on  barista’s skill and if you get across a newbie, you may not get the same quality. However, the good thing is that it does not happen too often.

2. Fixx Coffee House


I really liked Fixx coffee. It is strong enough and yet very delicious.

3. The Art of Coffee


The Art of coffee, apart from being located in not so obvious location, can be recognised as an obvious quality coffee promoters. The coffee there is highly enjoyable.

4. Caffe Cagliostro


This is a small coffee shop in the Italian corner, which offers great paninis and nice coffee.

5. Il Cafe di Napoli


Cappucinos from Cade di Napoli have an extremely smooth taste and can be treated as a desert, just by themselves. So treat yourself to one 🙂

6.   Carluccio’s  

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Another Italian coffee spot, offers good quality cappuccinos with a defined strong taste.

7. Costa


I love Costa coffee.I always find it amusing that their small-sized coffee cups are of an impressive bowl-like size.

8. Lemon


Nice coffee in combination with crepe always creates a nice environment for good times with your friends.

9. Starbucks


I used to be fond of Starbucks, but then later realised that their coffees are a bit too sweet as they are. Maybe not so relevant for the sake of this post, but big cups of herbal tea a really good there.

10. Bewleys Cafe


Apart from a good coffee cup of coffee, if you get a sit beside the window you can enjoy the view of people, walking down the Grafton Street.

One of the places in Dublin, which I feel that taste of their coffee is never great is Insomnia. One time I had a cup of absolutely burnt cappuccino, which almost made me feel like handing it back to the counter and asking for my money back.

I should make a side note that I still haven’t tried out the Bald Barista coffee yet, which is meant to be one of the best coffee spots in Dublin.

I would be very happy, if you could share your opinions of good coffee shops in Dublin? I would love to try them out next time 🙂


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