The Great Gatsby Movie Review


On the second day since the premier of The Great Gatsby in Dublin (17th of May) I was able to finally watch this movie, after staring for about a month at beautiful Gatsby posters at bus stops and even been haunted by Gatsby ads over Spotify.

The impression of the movie I got was… It is a beautiful work of cinematographic art….

The movie posters don’t lie….Gatsby movie is truly splendid. The mix of modern 3D special effects take you into this dynamic, grand world of New York from 1920s. Wall Street bonds rush, industrial gruesome outskirts of the rising megapolis, beautiful Long Island castles on the seaside. The movie is truly colour rich.

Gatsby’s Party is one of my favourite scenes. It’s a weird mix of the 1920’s sparkling costumes and decorations with people dancing twist to modern hip-hop beats of Beyoncé’s songs.

The story line is also nice, even though it does not strictly follow the story like from the Great Gatsby book by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I do recommend to watch this movie as a perfect getaway from our own every-day life reality. My only piece of advice is – please watch this movie in a cinema. Watching this movie on a laptop may greatly diminish its fairy tale charm.