When is the Best Time to fit Travel in Your Life?


I have been investigating recently this topic – When do you fit in Travel experience into your life?

Why fit in? Most of us follow the usual cycle of life. We go to school, then we go to university, then we work, then we meet the one, settle down have kids, raise kids…We would go on a few holidays during this time. Or live in one or two foreign countries. But do most of us get a chance to see most of the world?…I don’t think so…Tried to Google some stats on world travellers, but failed to find any…

However I came across articles of people taking 1 to 3 years to travel the world.  So it really comes down to a conscious decision to just do it, as am finally realising… Instead of pondering that later in my life I will do this and keeping it as a hanging dream, which is nice to come back to from time to time and then forget about it again, when consumed by daily chores…

I like a blog article by Nomadical Sabbatical, where he advices ironically that, in order to travel the world you have to have a job in order to travel the world. So I guess, when you have just graduated from college, you have to work for a few years to get a specialization and the moneys. And then dedicate yourself to some travel time. If you have a couple, you will have to convince him or her to travel with you…which could be the most bonding experience ever haha (sorry getting really girly here)

I wonder, what are your thoughts on this subject…To me it seems that the best time to travel is after 3 years of proper work experience. Hence it could be from 27 to early 30s perfect age for travelling?